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Washington County Humane Society Needs YOU! (WCHS)

The winter is hard on many and 2020 didnt not help.  With a new year lets keep up the giving and caring for one another.  Many prayers are said daily to help in the cure of the Covid Virus.  In the meantime we can continue to help the animals in need of our care.  The building is almost complete. Picture here is some work over the summer.  I remember when I was young and I walked dogs during the summers.  The humane socity has been the same for so many years, it is time they get more room. Everything is coming together.  Lets pray we can do the many of the fund raisers we have all gotten use to in the past, this year.

WISH LIST:  Canned & dry cat food, dog food, treats, tough dog toys, fun cat toys, KMR Kittenmilk replacement,Rawhides, Laudry detergent, Clorox wipes, Correction tape, Clear plastic clip boards, postage stamps, blue and yellow pocket folders.

Until next time Stay safe!

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