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FSBO (For Sale By Owner’s) and Why You Should Hire a Realtor!



When it comes to putting your home on the market the best advice I can give is, hire a Realtor! Here are 6 reasons that I found to be the most important (Believe me, there are more!):


  1. Marketing Your Home

When you place your home on the market, as a For Sale By Owner, what is the first thing you do? Would you most likely put a For Sale By Owner sign in your front yard, put an ad on social media, put up a flyer at the laundromat, put an ad on Craigslist and maybe other websites online too. This is all great and you will get the word out that you are selling but will it be to the right group of people?

When you list with a Realtor, they do all of the above and more! The first thing they do is place your home into their local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This is where agents and serious buyers come to search for homes that are on the market. Your home is then advertised to thousands of Realtors with qualified buyers. Most Realtors even have alerts set up to let their buyers know when homes with certain specifications get added.


  1. Paperwork

How much do you enjoy doing paperwork? Meeting deadlines? The stress of reading and trying to interpret what the contracts are all about? It can be overwhelming to say the least and will take up a lot of your time and sanity! It can also cost you the sale of your home and/or put you into a legal battle if deadlines and terms aren’t met.

When you list with a Realtor you don’t have to worry and have the burden of paperwork placed on you. You hire them to protect your best interests, explain the confusing stuff, meet the deadlines and make sure everything is complete by the end of the transaction. They are there to help you!


  1. Pricing Your Home

If you were to put your home on the market tomorrow, how would you go about choosing a price? How would you know what updates and/or amenities would add value or cost you? Over pricing your home can deter buyers while under pricing can cost you thousands of dollars!

When you list with a Realtor, always remember that they are well educated and experienced in pricing homes. Realtors are professionals who do this on a daily basis. They will even show you how they came to that specific price range for your home, will tell you a bit about the market and what you may be able to do to improve your home and sell at a higher price! Trust in them and know that they will make sure your home is priced right! I myself have gone above and beyond to perfect my skill set when it comes to pricing homes. I am a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) and have gone through special training to make sure your house is priced right!


  1. Negotiating

When the market is hot, negotiations can become very heated and bidding wars can start. Are you a good negotiator? How do you work under pressure? Do you really want to put yourself through that extra stress on top of everything else you have to do being a For Sale By Owner? These are things you need to think about before entering into negotiations by yourself.

When listing with a Realtor you will have a middle man who helps guide you through the negotiation process. Again, you hire them to look out for your best interests! Negotiations are not just about price and may include repairs! I wanted to make my negotiating skills stronger so I became certified as a Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE). This helps me to better serve my clients when it comes to negotiating contracts, price and home inspections.


  1. Open Houses/ Showings

During open houses you will have to put aside an afternoon to set up for and open your house to the public. You will need to advertise and be present the entire time to answer questions. The buyers may discuss what they dislike about your house as they are viewing which can be stressful when you overhear them. You also risk talking a buyer out of buying your house by giving unnecessary information that you may think is helpful but turns them away from the sale. Showings are the same but a lot more time consuming. You have to try and schedule around the buyers schedule as well as your own. It can be challenging.

When listing with a Realtor you will have a professional conducting both. Your Realtor will answer all questions, schedule showings, hold open houses, communicate between everyone, follow up with potential buyers, advertise and make sure that you are well taken care of. All you have to do is disappear for a bit while open houses and showings are taking place. This is a great time to get errands done, go shopping or take a trip to the spa. Whatever you fancy.


  1. Connections

What if you find out your basement has radon? What if the buyer’s home inspector has determined that you have electrical issues and you need an electrician to fix them? Who do you turn to to have your home staged for showings? What would you do if you need legal advice about your home? You realize you now need a painter so where do you find a good one? All great questions that need answers and fast!

When listing with a Realtor, you can be sure that they have a list of recommended professionals for you to choose from. They have information about electricians, lenders, real estate attorneys, landscapers, staging companies, plumbers, painters, home inspectors and the list goes on. These are people they have personally worked with, have been recommended by other Realtors and/or who have been researched thoroughly and have excellent reviews. Why do all that extra work and stress yourself out when you have it at your fingertips with your Realtor!?


Realtors are there to give you the piece of mind you need when selling your home! From listing your home to sitting next to you at closing, they are there to represent your best interests and make sure you are well taken care of. So why put yourself through all the unnecessary struggles/stress when you can hire a professional to do it for you!?


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